About Us


Our Beginning

Red Spaces was established by Leroy Beachley in 1999 to introduce Ayers Rock Resort staff to the wonders of Anangu Culture and the surrounding landscape. Since then our profile has grown to now include major International and Australian Tour Companies along with over 60 secondary schools from Victoria, NSW and QLD.


Culture is our Passion

Red Spaces has been privileged to work with local Anangu (Aboriginal) Guides. They, along with their families welcome Visitors to Anangu lands and truly look forward to meet and share stories of this unique place.


The team is growing

Jen joined us in 2010. She defiantly prefers to be out guiding but has taken over the office work so Leroy can focus at what he is good at.... Sharing the amazing Culture and places with you!

All our Guides are Accredited.